• Landscaping

    Raised Garden Beds & Landscapes

    When you have dogs or small children that like to eat or pull out the plants in your lawn, it may be time to consider creating a raised garden bed.  This way dogs and kiddos can’t kill your newly created landscape. A raised garden bed is simple to do and a great way to get into landscaping. This would also be an excellent option for small spaces like townhomes or homeowners wanting to do landscaping in a small backyard.  However, even homeowners with large lots can appreciate a raised garden bed. It creates an organized and neat garden. Great way to display plants and crops. You can be as fancy in your garden beds as you want to get. You can consult with a landscaping designer too if you want it to be perfect.  I find as well to do my own research, plan it out, and then get to work.  

    Gardening in a Container

    Gardening Containers are the best raised garden beds for all needs even for apartment residents and condo owners. If you use multiple containers, you can create a diverse compilation of plants.  I like to look for hanging planters or trellises to increase the space. If you have a larger space, then large containers can be added to your landscape to add more texture and increase space, making the area even more productive.

    How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

    If you want a larger container than the ones you already bought, you can combine the garden bed or build your own raised bed in a few steps.  

    1. Location.
      Choose a sunny location with enough room.  Also, be sure it is accessible from all sides to ensure ease of landscaping and maintenance.  This makes it also very convenient for watering. 
    2. Materials.
      Wood materials are the most common options people tend to make their raised garden beds out of.  However, you may want to choose Bricks, concrete blocks or paving stones layered up to make a more elegant garden bed.
    3. Garden Bed Border.
      It’s best to use string or spray paint to outline where the bed will be in the yard. Rectangle-shaped garden beds are the most popular, but you can create square, circular, or any shape that you want.  
    4. Remove Sod. It is best to remove any sod away from the bed.  I would suggest tilling the soil under the sod to help kill weeds.  
    5. Weed barrier fabric.
      It is best to line the bed with weed barrier fabric or a layer of cardboard or newspapers to reduce weeds and make the garden easier to maintain.
    6. Create a Raised Garden Bed.
      It is important to be sure the sides of the bed are at least 8-12 inches taller than the surrounding area to provide adequate space for your garden to grow.
    7. Soil Time.
      Fill your newly constructed raised garden with soil. You can find the best soil will be blended with compost or other organic matter to provide superior nutrition to young plants.  It is best to fill within 1-2 inches of the top of the frame. 
    8. Create your Oasis!
      It is time to add the plants or crops you desire.  You can add Stakes, poles, cages or other supports.
    9. Irrigation.
      Water your new garden!
    10. Mulch
      Finally, add a layer of mulch to protect newly planted seeds and prevent weeds from coming in. 
  • Septic Services

    Top 5 Critical Reasons To Call For A Septic System Repair


    Your home’s septic tank pumping system is a crucial part when it comes to collecting sewage waste and dumping it underground. This might be a gross topic to discuss but nothing is more important than your septic tank pumping system when it comes to property maintenance and regular working.

    A damaged septic tank pumping system can be of great discomfort. Once your septic system demands a septic system repair, only then the user feels the importance of the septic tank pumping system. To avoid any major damage and discomfort that comes along the septic system dis-functionality, it is highly recommended to keep a close eye on your system. Make sure it doesn’t require any immediate septic system repair or will need soon.


    Before you call a septic system repair team for the sake of analyzation and system repair, we have summarized a list of signs that will aid your analyses to make it pro one:


    Did you recently observe that your bathtubs, sinks, and other drain related sanitary are draining the wastewater slower than usual? If this is the case, keep in mind that drainage system efficiency and septic tank pumping efficiency are directly proportional. If one of them is creating issues, the other is already having a bad time. In this case, you need to call for a septic system to repair a.s.a.p.


    This can be one of the most important and very-first signs indicating bad health of your septic tank pumping system. This is because when the water is not being drained properly by the septic system, it will gather in your garden hence, the grass will grow taller and better than other plants in your yard. 


    If your nose is telling you about any sewage order in your house or outside your house, you need to listen and follow it. Call the septic system repair team immediately before your house gets flooded with the unbearable foul smell and sewage water.


    A backed-up sewer is a hundred percent indication that your septic system is shouting for a septic system repair. An older septic tank pumping system will create this issue often so make sure you keep an even close eye on your aging septic system.


    It is common to have a small amount of water gathered in your yard after you water your plants or a recent storm left. But, if none happened recently and you observe a water pool around your septic system, it is time to call for septic system repair. 


    We assume now you are well-aware of when to call a septic system repair team to avoid any major damage and discomfort. If you were not observing your septic tank pumping system in a while, it is suggested you pay little attention and look for any above-mentioned issues, especially when you have an older septic system. If you find any problem among the above list, even in its initial state, it is highly recommended to call for a septic system repair. This will save you money, energy, time, and any future discomfort that was soon to hit your house.